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HomeRoots' Grand Opening Celebration

After nearly a year of hard work and dedication, our team was excited to welcome everyone to our Grand Opening celebration. We were honored to have media, real estate professionals, title companies, lenders, family members, friends, local businesses and even the Mayor of Justin, TX attend.

The grand opening party was a special moment for our team to show off and share the fruits of our labor from months of effort, blood, sweat and tears - the unveiling of our luxurious country homes in the gorgeous community of Wildflower Ridge. Each home symbolized our dedication to building homes that blend elegance with comfort, providing a unique and peaceful space for those looking to live the “luxurious country lifestyle” as well as our brand’s mission and vision.

In addition to our hardworking team, the success of the Grand Opening was made possible by the collaboration of numerous local businesses whose support and contributions were instrumental in bringing our vision to life for the public to see for the first time. We are incredible thankful for gracious time and dedication to the HomeRoots' family.

Having the mayor of Justin join our celebration was a special honor for us as he shared his appreciation for what we are building in Justin and keeping Justin special and just as it has always been.

Our grand opening was a milestone for our company as we were able to proudly unveil our beautiful homes that directly reflect our team’s commitment and hard work and dedication. Every detail, whether it was big or small, was built with love and the finished home transformations finally brought to life our company’s vision and dream through countless hours of dedication. 

As we finally were able to open the doors and welcome our guests into our homes, we felt a deep sense of fulfillment and joy in seeing our dream come to reality in bricks and mortar. We have so much gratitude for everyone who made this dream possible and those who were able to be there to see our dream become reality!

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